Holi at Mathura-Vrindavan

Holi the festival of colours has been celebrated in India since childhood of Shri Krishna. One day when Shri Krishna was young, he was complaining to his mother about Radha being fair while Krishna himself was dark-complexioned. Then Yashoda maa suggested Krishna, to colour Radha with colours in a playful manner. This marked the beginning of this colourful and fun-filled festival, mainly celebrated in North part of India.

This festival is filled with lots of fun and colour, it also attracts many foreigners to India. Every year many foreigners come to India just to celebrate Holi in Mathura-Vrindavan and also to capture this beauty in their camera.

This year, by the wish of Lord Krishna I got the chance to celebrate Holi in “Shri Krishna ki Nagari(Lord Krishna Village)” Mathura. This was my first visit to Mathura-Vrindavan and that too on the festive time of Holi, I was a bit worried about Hotels, because of heavy rush in Mathura Vrindavan during Holi week, so I got it booked online with great discount, but still, I was not sure that whether I should go there or not. Checked many articles online before the visit, and in most of them they mentioned about the crowd, some suggested, it is not advisable for girls to go at that time.

Even after not so good response from lots of people, I was very much curious to feel the environment in Mathura Vrindavan during Holi and I decided to go.

I and my brother took train on Friday 10/03/2017 from Delhi to Mathura, my train got very late and we reached Mathura around 11:30 and actual arrival time was 8PM. We ate dinner there at the railway station and then took an auto to our resort which was inside Vatsalyagram. Then on Saturday 11/03/2017, our actual visit started, after having breakfast at the resort, we left for Shri Banke Bihari Temple, auto dropped us just before where the main market for the temple starts.

 While going towards the temple, it is so hard to resist tempting chole puri, lassi, jalebi, dhokla. If you go there in morning, these places serve such a delicious food, you can even cheat your stomach and eat much extra. Every single person who is going for darshan and returning after it was chanting “Radhe-Radhe”. Everyone was randomly throwing colours on each other in a well-behaved manner.

When you will reach Temple, you can see people doing arti at Temple gate, as the inside of Temple was quite crowded. Then everyone was entering inside through bit random queue, Priests were throwing colours on the crowd, even everyone was throwing colours inside the temple to show their happiness of celebrating Holi with Lord Krishna, It’s an unbelievable experience to be a part of this event. When you are there you can’t see everything but just feel the blessing of that divine environment.

After darshan at Shri Banke bihari ji Temple, one can take a guide to tour but we decided to go on our own.


We then headed toward Isckon Temple, in Isckon temple you will find no Holi, even taking colours or any material inside the temple is not allowed. But you can still enjoy Holi fun there as people were dancing on chants of “Hare Radha-Hare Krishna” and that was quite mesmerizing, it is recommended to sit there for few minutes and get yourself lost in memories of Lord Krishna.

This itself is a kind of divine meditation. In Isckon you will find the beautiful idol of Lord Krishna and also an idol of the founder of Isckon. In Isckon you will find foreigners all around, from priest to people chanting “Hare Radha-Hare Krishna”, all are foreigners there. Also, Isckon is only Temple you will find in Mathura-Vrindavan where there is no restriction in clicking pictures, even you can click the picture of Lord Krishna Idol. Rest in most of them even caring Camera is not allowed, in few even if allowed you can’t click pictures of Lord Krishna idol.

From Isckon we moved towards Prem Mandir, Prem Mandir is maintained by Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. Premises of this temple is quite big and it also has many statues depicting events of Lord Krishna life.

It also has a big statue depicting Lord Krishna carrying Govardhan Parvat on his pinky finger. The main temple consists of 2 floors, on the main entrance, you will see the idol of Radha-Krishna idol. On the top floor, you will see beautiful Ram-Sita Idol. This temple is full of lightning and also have a water fountain. Though we visited there in Morning because of time constraint, it is better to visit there in evening to fully enjoy the beauty.

After that we moved towards Vaishno Devi Mandir, This temple is quite visible as you are approaching near it because of a very big idol of Vaishno maa on Lion at the head of Temple. In this temple, you need to take a free receipt, after providing your details and this slip will be used for depositing your belongings, shoes at the counter and also to visit a cave inside Temple. The cave is a way to depict all the different forms of Vaishno Maa. This Temple will also look superb when visited in evening.

After that, we went to a hotel near Banke Bihari temple to have lunch, and from there we went to resort to rest and also as we have to check out at 3 PM from there. Many of you must be wondering at my checkout time, actually we did check-in in our hotel at around 2 AM in midnight as our train got delayed, so we requested at a resort to extend our checkout time and we got the extension till 3 PM, otherwise, actually check out time is 12 PM.

Due to time constraint, I covered only a few main and famous places, but there is much more to see and explore in Vrindavan. Such a great and divine place to visit and surely I can visit there any number of times.

Firstly I covered Vrindavan and then Mathura as my train was from Mathura station.