Essential things you must carry in your Purse

A purse is always girls favourite companion whenever we go outside, so it is quite important to put all the essential things in it.

Let’s look towards our list :

Wet wipes/ Tissue :

Wet wipes can be used in a multi-purpose way, and thus it is the most important thing to carry in the purse.

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In summers when face becomes oily, use a wet wipe and clean your face to get freshness restored. You can clean your hand using wet wipes after eating something, or can also clean before eating to avoid germs. If your shoes get dirty, you can clean your shoes using wet wipes to make it look presentable. One wet wipe and so many usages make it absolute purse favourite.


Sometimes, when we wear new shoes or due to uncomfortable shoes, we get shoe bite, which makes it so difficult to walk. If you have a band-aid, it can surely save your day.

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Also, in case of any scratch or minor cut, it will act as your first aid and can protect the affected area.

Power Bank /Charger:

In today’s time when the battery of phones is not at all reliable even when we leave home with full charged battery.

It is highly important to keep power bank with you so that you can use your phone even when you are out for the whole day. If you don’t have power bank, you must carry phone charger with you so that you can plug it whenever you get charging option and charge your phone.


Nowadays when an umbrella is easily available in compact forms, it is very easy to put them in the purse.Image result for umbrella

It saves us in summers from direct sunlight to reach our body, which indirectly protects us from UV radiations. Also, in monsoon umbrella is must, whether it is raining or not, it is always good to keep an umbrella in the purse, as it can rain anytime.


Fevikwick is quite useful if your shoes get torn, and you are not able to find any nearby cobbler, then this will surely save your day.
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Sometimes when we are in hurry and going for some important meet or interview and in that case, if our shoes are not appropriate it leaves quite a bad impression. Use fevikwick to fix your shoes at that time and save your day.

Water Bottle:

A water bottle is essential to put in the purse, no matter whatever the season is. But, especially in summers, it can’t be avoided at any point.

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I have different-different sizes of the water bottle with me, which I put in my purse according to the size of a purse. We all should make a habit of not stepping out of the house without putting a water bottle in the purse, as it comes to rescue us whenever we feel uneasy or thirsty while travelling.


Always carry coins or Rs.10, Rs.20, as cash with you, as getting a change of big currency like Rs.500 and Rs.2000 is quite a problem.

Especially when travelling by public transport, it is advisable to carry cash, it will save lots of time of yours.

 Zip pouch:

Zip pouch can be used to keep some essential things like hairpins, neck chains, earrings so that it will not get lost inside the purse, also it remains safe inside zip pouch.

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Also in monsoon, if it rains, keep your mobile in zip pouch to avoid water to go inside the mobile. Also, you can put cash in zip pouch so that it can be avoided from getting wet.

Lip Balm:

In winter when our lips tend to get dry frequently, lip balm is essential to keep them hydrated and to make them look healthy and glowing.

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Safety pins:

Safety pins are essential, as sometimes your purse zip stop working properly, in that situation you can use safety-pin to lock your purse.

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In case if any portion of your dress gets torn, or if any button of your dress get broke while you are outside house, safety pins are appropriate to save you from getting into an awkward situation.

Passport size photograph: 

If going out for any meeting, and you are asked for your photograph for any form or for any record. You will not have to roam, here and there to get a photograph clicked immediately. if you have your photograph in the purse you can handover it directly to the person without any hassle.

Identity proof:

Identity proof helps to save your purse in case if you lost it anywhere, you can claim it by showing your identity which is inside your purse.

In case of any mishappening, it will help people to know about your identity and your loved ones can be contacted accordingly.

Also in many organization and institute, it is not allowed to enter without showing your personal identity proof, so always carry it to avoid any discomfort.