Points you must consider before saying “YES” to a merchant navy officer

A strong willpower, loyalty and brave heart are the few most important ingredients which you must possess to become a Merchant Navy officers girlfriend/wife.

Merchant Navy officers, are the one who lives away from family, sacrifice festivals and family functions and stay surrounded by unpredictable water for almost half of the year, every year. They go through lots of mix emotion during their deployment. Many who board the ship for first time face sea-sickness initially, then they gradually start adjusting to the environment at the ship. They miss their family, their children, when they are on the ship away from all the, loved once. Life at ship is not easy at all. That is why they always need unconditional love whenever they return home after their sign-off. This love is something which keeps them going even in the unfavourable situations during their deployment.

To be a merchant navy officer girlfriend/wife you need to be extremely strong at heart. Six months is a big time to spend alone without the partner. Every single day looks longer and every single night looks darker when your man is not there.

Points you must consider before saying “YES” to a merchant navy officer :

  1. It is not a matter of few years. Till the time your man is sailing in his life, you will have to live away from him, at least half of the year, every year.
  2. Whenever he is away, you will have to manage everything alone. You will have to be both mother and father for your children and a big supporting hand for your family in your sailor’s absence.
  3. A partner is someone on whom we are dependent the most emotionally. But, a sailor’s queen needs to be emotionally strong enough to handle herself even at times of less talk or no talks with the sailor.
  4. If you are a career oriented person. You and your sailor must need the understanding of the level, that you can take your decision yourself in his absence.

Even though there are lots of challenges in becoming a sailor’s queen, still a true love between two people can never keep them apart, because the true love is completely magical https://liveartisticlifewithanchal.com/info/love-the-beautiful-magic/

If you are already married or planning to get married to a Merchant Navy Officer then below points will surely benefit your relationship with your sailor:

  1. Be extremely loyal to your partner. There can be the time when you can’t call or connect to him immediately to inform what you are planning to do. But always keep him in your mind before every action you take.
  2. Become independent, choose a career for yourself. When you are sitting all-time free at home, you will miss your sailor every sec, and passing time without him will become too difficult. But, when you are busy and consumed at work, your mind will remain distracted from thinking all time about your sailor.
  3. Never fight with your Sailor when he is on duty. Sailor’s are always consumed with lots of work onboard, sometimes they may not be able to give you the time you think they should. Respect them and wait for them to call. The only people they want to connect when they get even few mins of free time is with family members.
  4. Always give your sailor unconditional love once he is back. Go on vacation, local trips, spend every single of minutes with joy and happiness and create lots and lots of memories with your sailor. These memories will help you to cherish life even when your sailor is away.



14 thoughts on “Points you must consider before saying “YES” to a merchant navy officer”

  1. Sounds like marriage would be a pretty intense commitment without the same “conveniences” of a regular marriage. But I’m sure it’s worth it for people who take the leap.

  2. Very true🤔. I can’t live with the thought of being by myself for close to a year while he is out there working. For me, women married to men like these are strong and very tolerant. This is what Love and strongewill is capable of producing.

  3. Yup it’s very difficult to decide on marrying a Merchant Navy officer, coz it’s a matter of whole life ahead. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

  4. This are some great points and would help girls who are considering being in a relationship with a merchant navy guy.

  5. Very good considerations! Spouses serve too, but don’t get the same recognition, so thank you for supporting!

  6. This was very interesting. Marriage is already hard. It can be twice as hard for military couples. I don’t know how they do it.