Is Unnecessary social media activeness making us dumb?

We are in the room, in the classroom, in office meeting room, travelling, stuck in traffic jam or at any get-together, the only thing which we never miss to do is staying active on social media. Even if we are not doing any post on it, but it has become a habit of checking social sites at regular interval. This habit has increased our unnecessary social media activeness tremendously.

Ever paused and thought for a second what your unnecessary social media activeness doing to your mind?

We keep scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and various other social sites and watching others posts, filling our mind with more and more information whole day. The information which is mostly irrelevant to our day to day life. We think that we are just scrolling sites casually for passing time, but do you know it is the information which our mind takes and it does create thoughts according to that information.

If we are mostly reading and watching only negative information then soon our thoughts will also become full of negativity. We become what we see and listen whole day because whatever we see and listen to, acts as a food for our mind. 

Consider an overloaded cupboard filled with all your old clothes, new clothes, relevant and irrelevant items. Now, what will happen if you want to search any item from this overloaded cupboard? It will be a complete mess to search it, right? Or what if you want to put some extremely important item into it, will you be able to do that?

The answer to above is obviously NO. This same thing happens with our mind. We fill our mind with so many irrelevant information through social media that our mind starts feeling difficult to concentrate on learning new things. This is the reason because of which we all are facing the lack of concentration as the main issue these days. Our unnecessary social media activeness keeps our mind active and working all the time, because of which we feel lazy most of the part of our day and get tired more often.

Give your mind some peaceful time, switch off your internet for at least 1 hour in the morning as soon as you wake up. Sit peacefully with yourself for few minutes, give some of your time to yourself.

Stop Scrolling, Start Learning

You are in the room, in the classroom, in office meeting room, travelling, stuck in traffic jam or at any get-together, don’t just keep scrolling unnecessarily. Rather, observe your surroundings, observe people who are around you, observe them deeply and learn from them. Be active in the situation you are at present, as unnecessary social media activeness only kills our valuable time and ceases our learning.  Connect with people not virtually but in person, when we connect with people personally we build a strong and real relationship with them.

4 thoughts on “Is Unnecessary social media activeness making us dumb?”

  1. I try so hard to have good social media hygiene. To turn off and connect with people on a face to face basis. But it really is tough. Sometimes I feel like I’m tethered to my phone.