Plants you must have in your Balcony Garden

When I was living in my hometown, we had a big garden with many plants at the rooftop of my house, some of my uncles even have a separate garden area near the entry point of their house. But, in big cities, owning a complete house and getting a separate rooftop is something which is quite a big thing. Here, we just have a flat with a medium size balcony, so I and my mother decided to create a small garden on the balcony by planting below mentioned plants which play quite a crucial part in our day to day life.

  1. Basil Leaves Plant :

    Basil is also known as Tulsi in India. Its medicinal qualities have made Basil plant sacred in India, this is the reason, in Indian houses, the only plant which is mostly available is Basil plant. It is an old saying by my grandmother that “Eating 4 leaves of Basil daily keeps you away from diseases”.


    You can chew it raw, or can add it to tea, milk or even with water and then drink it. Apart from its medicinal qualities, It also acts as a mosquito repellent, as strong aroma of Basil leaves keeps mosquitos and insects away. Daily consumption of Basil leaves also reduces stress as it contains natural ‘adaptogen’ or anti-stress agent.

  2. Aloe Vera Plant :

    Aloe Vera is something which is of endless use from medicinal to beauty. Start your day with aloe vera juice empty stomach, it is helpful to cure skin disorders, constipation and it also boosts the immune system.


    Apply aloe vera to your skin and massage gently in circular motion to remove skin dryness, and get glowing healthy skin. You know Aloe vera gel also acts as a great primer to apply before makeup. Apply Aloe vera gel evenly on the scalp and leave for 15 mins and then rinse. It will strengthen your roots and prevent hair fall, aloe vera is also good for dry and frizzy hair as it adds shine to hair.

  3. Curry Leaves Plant :

    Curry leaves help in digestion, and it also encourages weight loss. You can add curry leaves in daily food, it enhances the taste of food, they are must add in the salad, or you can munch them raw.


    It is rich in Vitamin A which makes it too good for eye health. Most of us these days are facing extensive hair fall issue, dry curry leaves and powder it, mix castor oil with curry leaves powder and apply it on hair. It will strengthen your hair and it will also help in its growth. You can also apply this mixture on your eyebrows.

  4. Neem Plant :

    Healing property of Neem makes it the king of ayurvedic medicine. Many doctors suggest using neem soap now, as neem as anti-fungal property. As pollution is increasing, so as skin diseases. It helps in treating all kind of fungal infection. Boil neem in water, remove neem leaves and them take bath from that water daily if you are suffering from any fungal infection or if you live in any polluted area.

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 In ancient India, people used to use neem twigs instead of toothpaste and brushes. In many parts of rural India people still, use the same. It helps prevention of gum disease, toothache and bad breath.


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