Youtube made me Zero to Hero of Cooking

I left my hometown 9 years back to come to a different city for higher studies. In initial years I used to live in hostels or PG’s(Paying Guest) where they provide both accommodation and food. As I have never entered kitchen before I came outside home, I didn’t know how to cook food, so it was always good for me if someone else is cooking and the only task I need to do is eating.

In my graduation days I use to live in my college hostel and at that time things were quite better in terms of quality and variety of food they use to provide, but once I moved to pg’s things start getting bad to worst, extremely unhygienic, and the repetitive food they use to provide. Charges of pg were creating a hole in my pocket, and also on the top of it, most of the time I use to end up eating outside because of pathetic quality of pg food.

After eating the food of pg’s for few years, I knew it is not working for me neither health wise nor financially and that was the time I decided to move to a flat, with some flatmates. After moving into flat, the first time a girl who never even boiled a potato or cooked Maggie was about to start cooking.

The first day in my flat I ate from outside as I was clueless, what utensils I need to bring, even I was not willing to take much assistance from anyone because of various reasons so I was planning to manage things on my own. Next day, I went to the market and brought few of the utensils and all the basic spices which I felt is required along with some vegetables of my choice. The first vegetable that I prepared that day is Okra, in India we also call it as bhindi. How I prepared it, is also a story altogether. I opened youtube and started searching, “How to prepare Okra?”, while searching I came across a very famous youtube channel for vegetarian food ” Nisha Madhulika“, and I found she has posted so many recipes for okra itself. When I don’t know even one way, watching so many different ways was quite amusing for me. I checked one way and decided to prepare it. I thought it will be easy to cook and started doing all chopping, and everything, I was happy I was cooking but my happiness went away in few mins as eventually while cooking I realised that I have burnt it completely. It was my first experiment with cooking, so I was reluctant to dump it, so rather than dumping it, I ate it completely.

From that day, my experiment with cooking started, each time I feel like eating anything, I always use to search that thing on youtube and cook according to the instruction provided in that video. Every time result varies from uncooked, burnt, oily to mouthwatering, delicious food. But after few months of my experiments, I learnt a lot about cooking. It has been more than 2.5 years of my experiments with cooking, but even now whenever I feel like cooking anything the first time, the only thing that I refer is Youtube.