Learn from my experience with Work From Home

Heavy Traffic on roads and overloaded public transport are issues which every working person deal with daily while commuting to their office. Leaving home early in morning and coming late at night make people spend time at their own home like a stranger in working days. This is the main reason that people consider work from home a great option to do. So that they can spend quality time with their family. Undoubtedly work from home, save at least 2-3 hours in a day depending on how far your office is from your place.

I am working as an IT professional for last 4+ years, and in these years, I have experienced a time when my office was so close that I used to reach office in 10mins to the time when it used to take around 1-2 hours for me to reach office. For last few months, I am doing complete work from home. As in my new project, people across the globe are involved so here everyone does work from home.

When my office was near, things were too convenient, but when it started taking around 2 hours for me to reach my office, it became too hectic. For me finding time even for myself was a big issue at that time. Each day I used to feel lazy, tired and not willing to go to the office. From last few months, I am doing complete work from home, and it saves a lot of my time. I can sleep till late and can wake up just a few mins before my office timing. I can work in my home comfort in my pyjamas, without spending hours in uncomfortable office formals. Being a homemaker, work from home provides me ample amount of time so that I can cook food, and look after other household activities, along with my office work properly. This is something which makes we women mostly prefer work from home over working from the office.

Having said all these about the comfort and benefits of work from home, what I experienced is that my health started taking back seat. As I was not going outside, there was almost no physical movement other than working on household work. I was spending most of my time sitting at the same place whole day.

Also, work from home can mean you waiting sometime whole day for someone to help you out if you are getting stuck at some point in your work. As you can’t directly walk over to their seat and ask them your doubt. You can just either mail them or message them, and it is completely on them, that when they want to respond. So it affects your learning and productivity graph. As you learn more when you see people doing work in front of you, but as in work from home, it is not possible. So the only way you can learn in it is through your own troubleshooting.

Also, Sometime when you don’t have many people in your home to talk with you, it can also lead to sadness as you are talking every one only through phone, messages. But there is no one physically present with you to talk or spend time. So Work from home can also increase the alone time for some people.

If you are doing work from home and you want to enjoy its benefits then you must take care of your mental and physical health. Make habit of daily exercise, walk or jog so that your body will remain fit. Also, make sure you are going out on weekends or also if time permits on weekdays, not necessary on a big outing but going just to market or a nearby park also gives you outside air and you will not feel as you are all the time just inside the home.

4 thoughts on “Learn from my experience with Work From Home”

  1. I work from home as a data analyst (as I build my build as well), and I talk mainly through phone calls or skype chat… it’s difficult, but honestly I love it. When I feel like my surroundings are boring I leave for lunch and go to the store or work at my moms house when she is off or has company over. A change in the environment is nice at times, and it breaks up the lonely feeling. But I love it… I am very introverted as I aged, and its the only time I feel I have peace. lol