Marital Depression – A Taboo in India

In India, Marriages are not just related to two people who are getting married but it is a complete agreement of two families which come together and accept each other. Which makes coming out of even a depressive marriage difficult because of immense social and family pressure.

A girl when comes to her husband house after marriage, which is a new place for her, new people, a new set of routine, a completely new life. She undergoes lots of adjustments in herself, which is not at all easy to do. A girl who has never entered the kitchen to cook food before marriage, now have to cook food not just for herself but also for the complete family. A girl who had the daily routine of waking up last in the family now have to become the first person to wake up in the morning. Though some girls adjust to the routine easily because of pre-conditioning or because of supportive in-laws. But, in many cases when in-laws are not supportive things become too difficult.

On the top of it, daughters-in-law in many families of the small town, do not step out much because their work area is limited only to the house, which makes their social life extremely limited and restricted. A monotonous routine with lots of responsibility to fulfil in a day with no time for oneself is the story of most of the housewives of small towns in India. Which become one of the reasons for their depression and this often seen to burst out with time in the form of day and night arguments with family members, or in the form of beating their child over small issues, or in the form of abusing their elderly in-laws.

The matter of concern here is that people are not even aware that Marital depression is a mental illness that exists. They just consider all these behaviours as an evil nature of the person but never try to inquire the root cause.

On the other hand, in case of men, sometimes an overdemanding wife or continuous conflict between wife and family members become the reason for marital depression. Marital depression even can make a man addicted to drinks, drugs or wrong habits in various cases.

It is crucial for husband and wife to spend time together on a periodic basis, don’t get too busy in your own lifestyle. Sit with each other, counsel each other, never judge instead always give your partner enough space so that he/she can speak their heart out in front of you. Become each other’s best friend forever, and you will never have to go to a Marriage counsellor for advice or to a lawyer for divorce.