LOVE – The Beautiful Magic

Love is the most beautiful thing because of which this world exists. Love is something that we experience since our birth from our parents, siblings, family, extended families, neighbour, friends, pets and from everywhere. Still, as we grow from our childhood to teenage or from teenage to adulthood, our eyes start searching for the love of one special person, the person whom God has created just for us to be with us forever.

For some this search ends quickly and they find their someone special easily and for some the search last for quite a long time. But the day we find that person, life becomes magical.

How to find The Special One?

Everyone in this world, always set a hidden priority when choosing a partner. It could be looks, beauty, talent, status, or many other things. Whenever we find someone fulfilling these qualities we tend to fall towards them, we start observing them, stalking them on social media, try to make initial contact with them. Even after this, if we find people compatible enough to move forward then also we need to do the strict checking of our feelings before conveying our Love to someone, as sometimes the feeling that we are considering as Love can be just an infatuation towards someone. It is better always to take some time to know the person with friendly meet-ups, chat and talk. Always keep your expectation on priority, never compromise them just to start a relationship. As any relationship with compromise as it’s base will make neither you nor your partner happy.



What is Love?

Love means Acceptance:

When two people come together in a relationship, they do have many different habits, have a different kind of likeness and dislikes. But, what true love is to accept the person as they are, rather than moulding and changing the person the way we want. We can correct the person, we can tell them what is our point of view on any of their habit but one should never force them to change. When we are ready to accept the person with all their weakness and strength, this means we are in true Love.

Love means Respect:

When two people are in a relationship, they always see themselves through eyes of their partner. It is very necessary to make your partner see respect whenever they look into your eyes. Respect for their appearance, their career, their behaviour, respect for everything related to them. Because this respect will always act as a strength for them to move forward in life with positive attitude and confidence.

How to sustain a relationship?

As we see in each and every relationship, things never remain at a constant level all the time. Things and situation always keep on changing, it can be the best at some time and things may not be so good at some other time. These changing situations always do test your actual LOVE towards each other, and sustaining the same amount of LOVE in tough situations is the most important thing.

A relationship is a partnership with people involved in it as teammates or partners. If one is going weak because of any reason we can never end a partnership. Instead, we need to support, motivate that person in such a way so that we can strengthen our partnership and take it forward in a much better way than before.

5 Tips for a healthy relationship:

  1. Always understand your partner from their perspective before judging.
  2. Always Trust your partner, discuss each and everything calmly before believing anything said or seen.
  3. Always celebrate even smallest of achievements of each other, as celebrating achievements gives positivity to push ourselves to achieve even more.
  4. Never kill anyone personal space, as a human being, we all need some “MY” time.
  5. Never take any decision when in anger, no matter what the situation is but your gestures should never be disrespectful towards your partner.

8 thoughts on “LOVE – The Beautiful Magic”

  1. This was awesome. I love the tips you provided on how to sustain love. I also believe in supporting each other and not be judgemental.

  2. Such a sweet post. I loved how you think about life in general. Everyone should have the same thought process. The world will be a better place.