How to deal ? – Social Media Addiction

In today’s time when kids to teenager to adult to old age people everyone is using the Internet. According to a survey, In India, there are over 462 Million internet users and 200 Million are active social media users.

We all are aware that how much distraction social media is causing to our life. That constant notifications tune on phone, no matter what you are doing, but if your internet is on, it will keep you distracted.

People are now getting addicted to social media in such a way, that from starting a day to sleeping, people constantly remain stick to social media through their phone. Any new app or any idea that comes up in the market get instant reactions from people and most people get involved in it to try it out. Just like recently Sarahah.com got a huge response on the social media platform.

Many teenagers are taking social media platform as their medium of passing out time, they are not going out for outdoor activities, they are not going out to learn new things, they are not leaving their own comfort zone. They are getting more connected to friends on social media rather than taking out time for their family members or meeting their friends in-personal.

People try to pretend to be the coolest, party lover, glamorous, traveller and various kind of person on social media, even though they are quite different or total opposite of it. This is becoming a cause of depression in many, as people have started living a two-faced life.

If it continues to be in this way, then that day is not so far when you will start hearing a word like Social Media Rehabilitation just like we have Drug rehab, Nicotine rehab, and various others.

If you feel that you too are somewhere becoming social media addicted, or if you are quite active on social media for quite a long time and want to feel a different way of life, then you should surely give it a thought and try below tips.

Useful Tip:

  1. Uninstall all the applications which are not useful to you and are just there for you to be connected to the social world.
  2. Let it be uninstalled for at least 21 days, or if not possible at least for a week. Observe your day-to-day activities and check what difference you feel in your life.
  3. If you are getting an uncontrollable urge to install them back as soon as you uninstall apps, then you can even try by using a regular phone with no smart feature in it.
  4. After following above points, you will surely start finding out lots of time for yourself.
  5. In those free time, try to do all those outdoor activities which you don’t do otherwise like: doing regular exercise, playing outdoor games, meeting friends.

You will feel a huge difference in your way of living life, this experience is something which all should surely get and then only one should go back to installing or connecting to social media as per the requirement.

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