Housewife – An artist not A maid

According to the dictionary: Housewife means a married woman whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework.

             But, does this mean that they are a permanent 24*7 maid?

Housewives work altruistically 365 days, without a single day off. Their day begins before any other person in the family and ends after all the work is done for the day. They do supervise all the housework and makes things easy for family members so that they can go outside and work. That bed tea, that properly cooked meal, that clean bedding, that homely feeling, everything that we get because someone is working at home all the time to make it a beautiful place to live.

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Housewives usually looked down by people, just because they don’t earn money. But the thing that needs to understand is that the amount of support and warmth they provide to our family can’t be acquired even after spending any amount of money.

Just imagine, some servant doing all these daily chores for you, and calculate how much you will have to pay for getting these work done, also the amount of stress you will have to deal with. So indirectly housewives also help in earning, as we all know: “A money saved is money earned”.

Activities like preparing meals daily, saving even a single penny, managing all get together of family, supervising servants, teaching kids and many other daily activities,  surely show their artistic skills of cooking, event management, money management and socializing. It feels sad when these skills are ignored by people and they consider housewives only as a dependent person.

Let us not be tactless by ignoring their burden of work. Every person of the family should help in household work so that it is not always a single person who is overburdened. Housewives are artists who should always be cherished for being such a wonderful selfless person.

Do you ever thank your mom, your wife for being such a great artist? if No, then do it today. As a token of thanks,  Start from today itself by helping them in household works, even your small support matters. 🙂


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