Father – The Ultimate Shadow

A Father acts as friend, mentor, guide, a big support, the ultimate shadow throughout in the life of each one of us. Though we don’t need a particular day to celebrate Father’s day, as it should be celebrated every day. But, in this fast-moving life, as we all remain occupied in our day-to-day activities and get less to no time to make him feel how special he is, Let us take out time at least for one day, to make him feel that how important he is in our life.

Some special ways to celebrate Father’s day:

1) Time

Though there are many things which money can buy, the things it can’t buy are love and happiness for our loved one.

Sometimes we get so much busy in our own lives, that we forget to spend some quality time with our parents. Father’s do so much of hard work, sacrifices in his life only for us, just to bring a smile on our face, so we should also do our part for him. This Father’s day let us spend some quality time with our Father, go on a walk, go for some long drive, have breakfast/lunch/dinner together, whatever is suitable according to your own routine, or just sit with him and have some chit-chat.

Spending time together will surely give you something to learn from his life experience, it also helps in bridging the generation gap as you both can share thoughts on various topics.

2) Cook

If you know cooking, cook something of your Father’s choice, and eat it together. You need not be a perfect cook, you need not cook something special, even if you prepare something like tea, coffee, or some easy to prepare recipe, that will also be superb. As the love behind preparing that item especially for your dad will automatically make it very special.

3) DIY(Do It Yourself) Card

If you have something to convey to your dad, and you do hesitate to speak that in front of him, a card is the best option to convey. A card has always been and they are still the superb way to convey your love to loved once. But when it comes to conveying love, it is always the best if you create a card by your own.

Also, in case of the card, you need not be perfect, you need not be an artist, keep it as simple as possible. But write all those beautiful lines in it that how your dad is the best man, the superhero in your life.

In case if you have the time crunch, or don’t want to go for a DIY card, then go to market buy a card, write all your beautiful feelings in it and let the card do its magic.

4) Gifts

Father is the only person, who earn money by so much of hard work but always spend first on family needs, and least and at last on himself. He always ignores his own needs and requirements just to fulfils ours.

This Father’s day, let us gift him some beautiful gifts and bring a smile on his face. The gift can be anything, a pen, new specs, a shirt, or anything that you know that your father requires but he keeps on ignoring it just to save for us. The gift can vary according to your budget and pocket-money. But whatever you will gift, it will surely bring a big smile on your dad’s face.

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