Equality – Who’s responsibility?

Nowadays, when so many people are talking about women empowerment. People are conducting workshops to educate women to tell them about their rights. Lots of debates are happening on gender equality all over the world. Why are things not getting better? 

Women since ancient time have always been associated mainly with beauty and men with the power which itself is the main reason why so much of inequality exist today. But in this developing world when we are growing in each and every field. When we have moved forward from ancient way of healing to advanced methodology. Why are people not able to see girls beyond this pre-conceived notion? Before you say because of men dominated society. I would like to bring your focus on things which has always bothered me a lot.

It bothers me when I see even small girls coated with a large amount of makeup, It bothers me when I see teenage girls only goal is to get attention of smartest boy in their school\college, It bothers me when girls only hidden requirement for a boy to marry is his high-end income, It bothers me when I see girls considering selfie or a picture of them with the highest appreciation for their achievement of the day, It bothers me when I see girls rarely contributing toward their marriage expenses. It bothers me when I see girls having no plan to become financially independent, It bothers me when I see girls rarely taking care of their parent’s expenses after their marriage.


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Companies selling beauty products has always ensured that women image should not come above fairness, and their marketing skills have really made them successful in this. Films and television have also not let any stone unturned in making the mark on girls mind that if they are fair then they are beautiful, if they are dating the most handsome boy of their school/college then they are smart. Even elders of society are also playing a big role in not letting equality thrive.

We all must have come across these kinds of statements since our childhood: ” Her skin colour is so dark, it will be so much trouble getting her married”, “Let her learn some cooking, it will help her when she will go to another house”, “She should not play outside much, she is a girl” and many more differentiating statements.


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We, the women of this society are responsible for our upliftment and no one else. Don’t run behind that white painted bodies that we see on our television, that is their profession, they are doing their business. Stop spending all time in your beautification, instead start utilising time in enhancing your talent, Stop dreaming only about a prince to come and take you to his world of wonders, instead create your own wonderland.  Stop forcing your parents to gift you an expensive wedding dress, instead, try to give them a gift from your own earnings. Stop being a woman who knows only how to spend, instead become a woman who even knows how to earn and help her family financially.