7 Ways to invest in Yourself for lifelong benefit

Investing in Yourself is the wisest investment which everyone should do, as early as possible in their life, as this investment guarantees return in terms of smooth growth in life. It makes you smarter and provides peace of mind.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself” – Warren Buffett

Here are few crucial ways in which you can invest in yourself to elevate your overall life quality.

1) Choose a hobby :

Give at least one hour of your day toward your hobby, it could be reading, writing, playing any musical instrument, art or craft or anything else.

Getting involved in some creative activity out of our daily work make us relax, it helps us in thinking out of our daily monotonous routine, which is important to break boredom and stress.

2) Healthy Diet :

Never skip a meal as skipping a meal generates acidity and create uneasiness in the body. Add nuts, dry fruits, and fruits in your diet as fillers between your meal time. Try to take meal cooked at home as much as possible, avoid junk and oily food as they just add fat and make us feel bloated.

3) Read :

Reading gives you knowledge, it widens your thought, it makes you capable of thinking in various directions, it makes you aware about various topics, it develops your intellectual skills.

Read newspaper daily, read an e-book on Kindle, read some novel, read about history, read on Quora, read some random article, reading is endless and the best thing is that you can do it anywhere, some people even have the habit of reading in the washroom. 😛

4) Listen More, Speak less :

When you speak more, you miss the chance of listening others. When we speak more we sometimes speak something we are not intended to, so it is always good to speak after listening and understanding what needs to be said at that point. Speaking after listening others makes you smarter and save you from getting stuck in some awkward situation.

5) Meditate daily :

Meditation when done daily, especially in morning keep our mind calm, and radiate positive energy to every cell of our body. Make a habit of doing at least 10-15 minutes meditation, immediately after you wake up and just before you are sleeping.



Doing meditation just before sleeping provides sound sleep and even helpful in curing insomnia.

6) Spend time with Yourself :

Do discuss with yourself each and every good or bad thing happened in a day, no one can give you such solutions which you can give to yourself.

Whenever you get time, while travelling, in the washroom, or anywhere do discuss with yourself, all the things that are going in your life, what else you want to achieve, how you can achieve that. Believe me, this will surely help you with all the solutions to even toughest of your problem.

7) Avoid Excuses :

Often we think of doing so many things in our life, but we keep on procrastinating them by giving our-self so many excuses that why we will not be able to do this now. Excuses like: “I don’t have much money to do this, I am not feeling well today let me do it later, let me enjoy today I will work from tomorrow”, makes us weak and keep us far away from our goal.

Pick whatever you want to achieve and tell yourself how much it is important, once achieved how good your life will be. Keep on reminding it to yourself each and every time you feel like giving excuses. Always remember: “Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity won’t”.

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