Deal with Workplace Depression Like a Boss

Workplace depression can occur due to various reasons. For some, reason for depression can be a heavy load of work, big targets to achieve or pressure from the boss. While, for some others monotonous work, no opportunity to learn and grow can become the reason for depression.

That constant feeling that I do not belong to this place…

That depressive feeling, when even after doing too much of work, your learning from the work is almost zero…

That repulsive feeling of not willing to go to the office…

That suffocation of not able to tell anyone about what you are going through…

I was going through all these emotions for more than 1 year, until a few months ago when I got an opportunity and I switched to a peaceful work environment. I was at a stage that every day I use to ask myself to leave my job. I was not able to do so, only because all my bills and expenses were dependent on my job.

I was doing a job, which required me to work in 24*7 shift which means my office timings use to change every month. One month, I use to leave my home at 5 AM and in another month I use to reach my home by 5 AM daily. This was taking a toll on my health and family life. I was not able to make any routine for myself, as someday I am waking up early at 4 AM, and on another day I am sleeping late at 6 AM in the morning. Also in case of night shifts, I was not able to spend time with my family. As they follow normal routine unlike me, so they use to come home in evening and by that time I use to leave for my office.

Even, after all these personal issues which I was facing because of my job schedule, these issues were not the main reason for my depression. The main reason for my depression was my workplace environment and the work which I was doing there.

A monotonous routine work, with no scope to learn anything new and grow was making me depressive. I being a career oriented person, I always wanted to learn and grow. I was giving my 100% to my work, there was a time when I use to work much extra than required, just to learn something new related to my profile. Still, in some teams, there is always an environment which restricts you from growing and learning and my team was one of them.

Workplace depression has symptoms like :

  1. Sudden decrease in productivity.
  2. Not finding any interest in fun activities at the office.
  3. Less break or alone breaks.
  4. Remaining calm and confined only to yourself.
  5. Tension and conflict with co-workers.

In my 4 years of working with the same team, last 1 year was the time when I have seen a constant decrease in productivity. From being always among the top to the least productive person in the team. I have seen all in these years.

If you are also going through workplace depression because of any of the reason. Below steps can surely help you to cope with it.

  1. Share it with someone. Sharing and discussing is sometimes the only thing which we require to feel light and stress-free.
  2. If you do not have anyone with whom you can share your thoughts, write it down. Write down each and everything which you are going through on a piece of paper. Sometimes by just writing down, we get the solution to our problem our own.
  3. If possible, try to discuss your reason for depression with your Boss. But be careful of what you are about to discuss with him. It depends on him, whether he will listen and help you out with it or not.
  4. If your reason for depression is your office environment, your boss, or your career growth. Try to switch to some other company. If not possible in some other company then try to switch to some other project in the same company. I also switched to a different project in the same company and now I am happy with everything related to my work.

Meditate daily, go on vacation, join some hobby classes, go on weekend outings. Do all and everything but never let yourself stay as it is with workplace depression, considering it a normal state of mind. As this in total is affecting you, your mental stability and your career growth.

6 thoughts on “Deal with Workplace Depression Like a Boss”

  1. Thank you for this post! I can relate to this so much. I haven’t really been feeling depressed about my job, but really stressed. I can’t really talk to people about it because I always get “You work from home.” So I feel that no one understands. I may “work from home” but the requirements can become a bit stressful. I feel like I’m always working to meet deadlines. Sometimes I start work at 6 am and won’t finish until 10 pm. All the while taking care of my 2 kids. Anyway I like your idea to write it down. I didn’t think of that. That may help me to get it out.

  2. WOW! I can’t even imagine how stressed you were working all those hours and with very little sleep. I’ve dealt with depression as well, yet I never really thought work could be a cause of it, but you’re so right! I’m glad you’re doing better and are sharing your experiences and how to cope.. You honestly helped me think more into what I was already feeling about my job. Thank You!

    • flowconyoliz , Depression can exist anywhere, at any stage and phase of life. I have even seen people facing marital depression. I am glad that my post helped you. Thank you for sharing your point of view on my post. Keep Reading 🙂