Who do you think is actually Lucky in life?

Lucky is the word that we often use for others but rarely to occasionally for our self. A person is called lucky always in comparison with someone else.

A student who passed just by passing marks is considered lucky in comparison to the student who got failed. A person who gets the job first among the group of struggling friends is considered lucky in comparison to the group. Even not these big things, but how often we hear people saying you are so lucky you have so much hair on your head, you are so lucky to have such a beautiful skin.

In today’s time, people are even getting depression just through social media posts of others because of their habit of comparison. We see our friends post, regarding their career success, trips, life partners, and we immediately start comparing our life to others and whenever we feel someone doing better than us, someone getting something better than us, or something that we wanted, we coin the word “LUCKY” for them, which means we are considering ourselves not so lucky as them and when we get this feeling quite often and on regular basis this can even cause depression.

If you ask people question that: According to you who is the lucky person in this world? People can answer that in various ways, according to a person achievements, according to person’s wealth, or the power or position that person holds. But even if we go and ask that person, Do you actually consider yourself lucky? or Who do you consider as lucky? even that person may say that I do not consider myself lucky enough, or I do consider that person as lucky.

So, friends, the actual answer to above question is that “WE ALL ARE LUCKY”.


God has created each one of us lucky in a unique way, but we forget to cherish our uniqueness by keeping our concentration on others.

Every person does their own hard work and every person get everything in their life according to their own Karma. No two person can ever be compared on basis of who gets what, as even if all the given circumstances are same, Karma always vary from one person to another. Some get a lot even with less hard work, and on the other hand, some need to do too much of hard work to achieve even a bit.

This is my biggest lesson of life, that no one can ever live a happy life by comparing with others, or by getting envy by others success. Instead of this, we should always congratulate others for their success and achievements, so that we can create positivity around us rather than creating negativity.

Just focus all your energy on improving yourself and see the magic getting created.

Focus on yourself and you will glow, Focus on others and they will grow even more and you be left behind at the same place”.

5 thoughts on “Who do you think is actually Lucky in life?”

  1. I liked your point about cherishing our own uniqueness. 🙂 And you are right that comparision with others steals our own happiness. Thanks for posting!