A medicine which you should take daily to stay happy forever

In our fast moving life, in which we wake up in the morning in rush, go to our work half-heartedly, reach home tired, wait eagerly for Friday whole week. Among all these chaos, we usually forget to take the medicine which is most important for us. A medicine which we should take as soon as we wake up and whole day as much as possible. This medicine becomes even more crucial whenever we feel stressed, tired or unhappy. Whenever we are sad our mind starts suffocating, this medicine act as oxygen for our mind at that time. It has the power to make us happy instantly. You know what makes it the best? the best part of this medicine is, it is free of cost and we all have this with us all the time.

Wondering what is this medicine which has all these magical power ???

My friend, That magical medicine is your own SMILE. Yes, your smile is the best medicine about which I am talking. 

When we keep our focus all day only on the problems we are facing, or the bad things happening in our surroundings, we start missing use of our own beautiful smile. More we miss using our smile in our day to day life, more our life start becoming stressed and unhappy.

Many of you must be thinking that, If we are unhappy then how we can smile? or Do we need to do a fake smile all day even when we are not feeling good?

This actually works in the same way as we do virtual smile. Yes, the virtual smile which we do for our virtual world. No matter how sad, unhappy or uncomfortable we are, but our pics and videos depict only our happy face. I even know a youtube creator who always creates such happy videos, that nobody could guess what she is going through, until one day when she revealed that how much she was disturbed because her mother was fighting with cancer but now as her mother is recovering well, she is actually happy.

Even if we are not facing any extreme issue like this or if we are not facing any issue at all, but we always smile when we are getting clicked or appearing in any video because we know we look most pretty, beautiful and our best only when we are smiling.

The same philosophy goes in real life, our mind feels the best and happiest when we are smiling. No matter, what we are dealing with but to remain stable in even worst we need to send our mind a continuous signal that “All Is Well”. When we practice remaining stable in our day to day small situations, we prepare our mind to deal with even the worst with stability. Smile is the way through which we can send the signal to our mind that everything is going well.

Practice this consciously daily, as soon as you wake up in the morning, go in front of the mirror and smile. This is the one most important morning habit which you should definetly inculcate in yourself.

Whenever anything is not going the way you want it to be. Whenever you feel too stressed or unhappy with the situation. Whenever you feel you are extremely overloaded with work. Pause, then and there for few seconds and give yourself a beautiful smile. Not even a minute but just a few seconds you have to give yourself and you will feel a miraculous difference in the stability of your mind.

It is popularly said: “Fake it till you make it”. Fake it and tell your mind that everything is well so that your mind will remain stable rather than creating panic. A stable mind is the biggest blessing. As, with a stable mind, we can cross even worst with ease and a stressed mind can make even a happy situation, the worst situation.

12 thoughts on “A medicine which you should take daily to stay happy forever”

  1. Learning to let small stuff go and not take things personally will always keep a smile in place. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. smile makes a lot of miraculous things and even delight a sober heart. it is contagious indeed.