Respect yourself first, everyone else will automatically follow

When parents remain busy in teaching children to respect elders, friends and family members, sometimes they forget to tell them the importance of respecting themselves. When children are small they create their image about themselves through eyes of parents. If parents say them they are of no use, they understand that they are of no use. When parents create doubt about their physical appearance, their looks. Children’s too start creating doubt in their mind. This is the reason parents always play a crucial role in shaping their child future.

The journey of a girl who was born with an extremely rare congenital disease to becoming a girl who is now a famous motivational speaker in America is inspirational for both parents and for every youngster.

Lizzie Velásquez, who was born prematurely, with an extremely rare congenital disease, which had lots of symptoms, one of which was that she can’t gain weight. When she was born the doctor told her parents, “she may never be able to walk, talk or think”. In this case, many parents will not even accept the baby, but Lizzie parents decided to take her with them to home and to nurture her like a normal baby.

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Small height, less weight, has always made Lizzie look different than other kids, because of which she has often faced bully in school. One day when Lizzie came home, she was upset because kids always use to ignore and bully her, her parents told Lizzie only one thing that, “The only thing which makes you different than other kids is your weight, in every other way you are equal to them. You go and focus on your study properly, kids will start talking to you gradually”.

Because of her different look, Lizzie has always faced many issues in life from bullying, teasing and body shaming, but one day an incident happened which shook her completely. She was browsing the internet and suddenly she saw a video on Youtube in which they displayed Lizzie photo and mentioned her as the World’s Ugliest Woman, she was just 17 at that time. She got shattered after watching that, she was so upset that she locked herself in a room and cried for hours that day.

But, this event not shattered her but came as a turning point in her life. Lizzie decided that day, that she will never let people tell her about her own identity. She told herself that no matter how tough the path will be, but she will complete her graduation, will become a motivational speaker, will write books and will live happily with her own family.

Lizzie did all the hard work, burnt midnight oil, and did everything required for her to complete her goals. She completed her graduations, she is now a famous motivational speaker in America, she has written books. Her YouTube videos have received over 54 million views for TEDxAustinWomen Talk titled “How Do You Define Yourself”.

In this world, every one is different in looks, height, weight, skin colour and this is something which makes this world unique and beautiful. Never consider your physical appearance as your weakness. Never let people define what you are. What you think about yourself is the only important thing and not what others think about you.

You start respecting yourself first and people will start respecting you automatically.