Say Goodbye to Loneliness Forever

Loneliness is a state of mind. Some feel lonely even when they are surrounded by their best people and others don’t feel lonely even when they are actually alone. I came 9 years back to a big city from my hometown to fulfil my dreams. Living without family members that too being an introvert, I never found myself surrounded by many people.

Even though I was working on my dream here, still most of the time, in my mind I always wanted to go back home and live with my family, with my people and at a place where I actually belong. Empty room after coming back from work, uncooked food, no one to care, has always been part of my life. Just 2 years back I was trying to figure out my mind, and I realised that my feeling of loneliness is not letting me remain completely present at one place. I knew this is my workplace and in order to fulfil my dream, I have to be here but my mind was each time looking for some homely love. I decided to figure out a solution for it, and not let my loneliness affect both my work and my mental health.

I obviously can’t go back to home, as I was working here for my dream, this place has given me my identity, this place has made me independent. So, I decided to do something through which I can live here happily without that constant feeling of loneliness. I started keeping myself busy even when I am at home, by exploring my interests in different domains. I joined guitar class, just to step out of the house even on weekends, and to stay occupied in some learning. As I live alone, the kitchen is all mine, so I started checking new recipes on youtube and experimenting with them.

Our mind feel lonely when we don’t have anyone with us to share our time, our thought, our love. Loneliness can even result in depression if not curbed at right time.

We feel Loneliness because of various reason :

  • Living alone, far away from family
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Breakup
  • Or something which a person is going through but can’t share it with anyone because of the seriousness of the issue.

No matter, whatever is the reason. The best way to restrain the feeling of loneliness is by keeping our mind occupied.

In case if your reason for loneliness is living away from family, then the best thing for you to deal with it is to join any hobby class, as in my case I joined guitar class. In this way, you take out some time for yourself, you will get to meet new people, you can keep yourself busy in assignments. Hobby classes are always fun to attend and in addition in this way you are adding something good to your personality.

In case if your reason for loneliness is the loss of loved one or breakup, then you should definitely start visiting an orphanage. People living in the orphanage are also lonely, they too need someone who can talk with them and spend time with them. By visiting there you will get to know how lucky you are, there are people who do not have anyone around them. You have lost one, but still, you have so many people around you, who care for you, for whom your happiness matters.

Life never stops, even when people leave us. We have to live our life our own till we are alive. It depends on us whether we want to live it happily or as a burden.

In case if you are going through something but you are not able to share with anyone, start writing a diary. By writing diary you can write down all your thoughts which you can’t share with anyone. It is a way of talking to yourself as a third person. Diary writing is considered as the best stress buster and it is also helpful in curbing loneliness.

26 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Loneliness Forever”

  1. I agree loneliness can be a state of mind (unless you actually are all alone) I think we can be surrounded by people, like you say, and just not find connections or meaningful relationships. I think finding people who have interests with you and can connect on a deeper level with you can end the loneliness.

  2. I also moved away from family and I do think it is key to put yourself out there, join in meetups or local classes to meet people! I thought it would be easier having kids, but meeting other mom friends is still a challenge.

  3. Seeking quality interactions with others is a means to alleviate lonliness, so good advice!

  4. Wow. This spoke to me. I moved away from my family (not even that far) and it’s hard. Considering moving back and making the hour and half commute to work.

  5. Feeling humbled after reading your post. The words appeared to be coming straight from your heart. Loneliness attacks everyone at some point whether they are with or without people. Love it when you say, we have to live our own life. Its about the choices we make and your post have reinforced something very important – nurture yourself!

  6. We need to remember that some people can love us but will not stay. I agree make yourself busy and keep your mind occupied in that way, we will gradually forget the hurts.

  7. Im sorry you have been through this but keep in mind it’s not for nothing. You are working towards your goals and dreams. To achieve big sometimes we have to sacrifice big but it looks like you are managing the situation alot better now.

  8. I like reading content that comes straight from the heart. Loneliness is something everyone feels at some point of time. Some great tips to keep going on.

  9. Feeling loneliness can lead you to depression. Thanks for some suggestion to keep yourself busy.