Heal your deepest of scars by cooking and eating food in right state of mind

After I started cooking, I started understanding about the impact of food on the mind. Just cooking delicious food is not enough. As the state of mind of the person who is cooking food determines the state of mind of the person who is eating that food. So cooking should be done in a right state of mind.

I came out of my hometown to study 9 years back to a big city. Initially, I used to live in a hostel or paying guest’s so I use to eat food there only. But then I moved to a flat 4 years ago and started learning cooking, to prepare my meals myself.

Food creates a direct impact on our mind. Cooking extremely delicious buffet food with anger, tiredness or wrong vibration is of no good. On the other hand, cooking a simple meal with all the right vibrations and blessings creates wonders. I follow a spiritual guru(spiritual teacher) and daily my habit is to play her video while I am preparing food. In this way, I am able to listen to her words while working, as otherwise, I don’t get much time. Also, it feeds my mind with all good knowledge, and purify my state of mind while I am preparing the food. I prepare food two times in a day, and it takes me around an hour to prepare a meal. So by making this a habit, 2 hours a day. I am feeding my mind with good spiritual knowledge and through me, it is going into food which my family members are eating.

Have you ever wondered, why even a simple food prepared by mom, or at any religious function, or in a temple has an extremely satisfying taste? People do stand for hours in line at temples to collect Prasad(a material substance of food that is a religious offering) just to get that pure vibrations inside them.

Whenever you will ask your mom for extra food, even if food is finish. She will cook something and will serve you will all the love. But, in the similar situation, if you will ask your maid who cooks food for you to cook extra, even if she will cook food but obviously for her, it will be same as your boss ask you to do some extra files even when your working hours are already finished or when you boss loads you with extra work when you wanted to finish everything and rush home.

If you are like the previous version of me, who don’t know cooking. Or even if you know cooking but prefer someone else to cook for you. Then before eating food, pause for 30 sec and bless your food. Bless your food with all the right energy, bless your food in a way in which you want some saint to bless you. Practice this daily just for 1 week and you will see miracles happening. Initially, you may notice that you are forgetting to bless the food. But keep on doing, gradually it will become a habit. A habit which you must inculcate to create wonders in your life and your family members life.

Bless the food before serving, if someone is unhealthy, fill all the good health blessings into food. If someone is angry, fill all the silence and positivity in food. Make your kitchen as pure as the temple, always play some spiritual videos while cooking or working in the kitchen. Never listen to the news while cooking, never watch tv while cooking. Tv and news these days show all the wrong information. If after listening to them, your mind went into those vibrations then those vibrations will also get into the food which eventually creates an impact on our mind.


24 thoughts on “Heal your deepest of scars by cooking and eating food in right state of mind”

  1. Before I moved away from my moms house I had no idea how to cook any food, and all i did tasted terrible, but now it’s like a theraphy for my mind !

  2. This post is truly motivating. I know that there are comfort foods for everyone and it is truly capable of changing the mood of a person.

  3. So true! We often use food as reward and cooking as therapy but we really need to understand why we do what we do before we do it. 🙂

  4. It’s true indeed, food always helps me to cheer up my mood so as cooking. If you cook simple food with full joy and happiness it surely reflects in its taste. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. I love the idea of this. It’s so true that some of the things I have the fondest memories of from throughout my childhood weren’t necessarily the most difficult of recipes. Amazing the reach joy can have, even when it comes to the dinner table.

  6. there are so many meals and foods that remind me of childhood and home… ones I still keep around, and others I wasn’t allowed to have that I now indulge in !! 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx Bee