Books are your perfect Mentor

In life we rarely get chance to choose, we rarely get chance to make a choice. The family in which you are born, either rich or poor, It was not your choice. The kind of parents or siblings you have got was also not your choice. But how you will live your life and be remembered after your death is certainly your choice.

When we don’t know our path, or when we get entangled in life chaos, a Mentor is the one who takes us out of everything and shows us the right path. Having a mentor in life is like having a charger for the phone, whenever our battery of mental energy depletes we can get it charged fully by getting connected to our mentor.

You can take guidance from your mentor anywhere, anytime, whenever you want. Your mentor is available every time for you, only you need to take your time out. The best part is that you are not required to wonder here and there in search of a mentor, but you can get it right there with you in the form of books.

Yes, Books are the most trustworthy mentor, as books don’t lie, they never give you any wrong advice, they give you the chance to choose your mentor. You can choose any CEO, entrepreneur, spiritual guru or any elevated personality as your mentor through the books written by them, even if you are living far away from them, or if meeting them personally is not possible.


Make habit of reading a book daily, at least for 30mins. Initially, you may find it boring if you don’t find reading interesting but once you make it a habit, it is the best gift which you can give yourself. Pick a book, give yourself a task of reading just 2 page daily, and not more than that, then increase gradually to 5 page, 10 page and soon you will see yourself a great change in your reading habit. The best part about reading is you need not take out a time especially for it, you can carry a book with you and can read it whenever you get chance, while travelling, while waiting for someone, while in the queue or wherever you get chance for few mins.

Reading a great book has the power of healing, it has the power of taking people out of depression, it has the power of solving relationship conflicts, it even has the power of taking a person from rags to riches. If there is anyone around you, whom you want to get healed or to reach great heights in life, or you want to help them come out of life struggle, gift them a book which can add value to their personality. A book is a gift which you can give to anyone of any age, you just need to take care of the type of book you are gifting.

26 thoughts on “Books are your perfect Mentor”

  1. I totally agree with article above …. this is a kind of article that motivates and empowers… thanks for sharing this piece with me. hopefully you will post again soon

  2. My house looks like a library LOL. Books are my best friends and my mentors, they will take you so many places and teaches so much

  3. One of my calming places I go to in my head when meditating, is the library!! Books have the uncanny ability to take you to another world!! I LOVE BOOKS!!