Be Grateful to Become Happier

Life has given us lots of good things. When we keep our focus only on what we didn’t get, we lose the ability to see what we have got. You woke up today, this is the best gift which you have got today. A new day to look forward to, a new day to live this precious life.

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I always start my day by thanking God for giving this new day. When we start our day by being grateful, we create a circle of positivity and happiness around us.

Food, clothes and shelter are the three basic requirements which every person need to live a quality life. Still, there are millions of people who don’t have this privilege. They are surviving their life on leftovers and by sleeping on roads or in homeless camps. Let us all be grateful for the variety of food we can eat, for the choice of clothes we can make, for the lovely house we are living in.

Being grateful for whatever we have with us makes us happier. As, instead of getting sad for what we don’t have, we are talking about what we have, which create a sense of happiness and satisfaction in us.

When I was living with my family back in my hometown, I never thanked my mom for cooking delicious and healthy food for me, for ensuring that my room is clean, and my clothes are washed and every stuff of mine are placed at a proper place. I used to treat it as the normal care which mom is doing for me. But, after I came to another city and started doing things myself, I realised I should be grateful to mom every single day. Because these cares are not normal, not everyone in this world gets this. Not everyone in this world has a mom, and among those who have a mom, not everyone in this world has this much caring one.

We often take our people for granted and consider all their care as their duty. But when any of those people go far away from us then we understand their importance in our life. When we say Thank You to them or make them realize that we appreciate their care towards us, they also feel happy. In this way, by being grateful we can spread happiness to everyone around us.

Law of attraction:  Based on kind of thoughts we focus, we can bring positive or negative experiences into our life.

Being Grateful completely follows Law of attraction. When you are grateful for food, clothes, people, home and for every big to a small thing. You are always surrounded by good thoughts, thoughts that you have everything best, thoughts that you are the luckiest person. As your focus is all time only on positive thoughts, so will be your experiences in life.

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